Welcome to Florida School Speak!

More info will be coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Florida School Speak!

  1. Vanessa Brasino says:

    I teach British Literature, so on a daily basis I work with my students to think through the text. My students often times think that the British Literature is written in a foreign language, so my colleagues and I work together to create lessons that are visual–students can “see” what the text is about through the use of pictures, music videos, and artwork. We do a lot of work accessing prior knowledge so our students have a solid foundation before diving into the literature.

    Any content area teacher can use these strategies to help students comprehend difficult text. Creating these types of lessons takes time and thoughtful planning, so sometimes it slows down the ability to make it through all of the benchmarks; however, I would rather my students comprehend a piece of literature we are studying and feel a sense of accomplishment because they can understand what they read than discourage them by trying to rush through to cover all of the benchmarks. Sometimes a “less is more approach” can create a richer learning experience.

    • flschoolspeak says:

      Thank you so much for reading and posting on our new blog. I agree that creating lessons that incoorporate a variety of stratgies can be more involved, but also, much more rewarding for the students. I like that you work with your colleagues and take a team approach to the lessons in order to reach all learning styles. Thank you for sharing this great idea.

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