Longer School Year = Smarter Kids?

I recently watched the video of President Obama speaking on how “American school kids attend school for fewer days than children in other educationally advanced countries, a situation President Obama said last week needs to change (© 2011 Harman Newsweek LLC).”  Teachers often recognize the “summer slump” that seems to turn our students brain to mush by the beginning of August.  On the other hand, a lot of recreational parks and beaches in our state rely heavily on teenage workers during the summer.  So, what is your take?


5 thoughts on “Longer School Year = Smarter Kids?

  1. J. L. Werner says:

    If we don’t educate our children to their highest ability then what will (or is) our USA workforce going to be like? Commerce should depend on well educated workers not cheap teenage labor.

  2. Sheryl says:

    We constantly hear complaints that the billions we pump into the public schools isn’t enough. How about streamlining what we already have – making better use of funds and better use of the time we have instead of imposing such policies? I’ve taught in two different states – depending on the school and the teacher, there is a lot of wasted time in the classroom.

  3. C. Sayers says:

    Research has shown that children who spend more time with their parents have fewer instances behavioral disorders and greater academic achievement. Other students in the educationally advanced countries do not start school till they are older. As it is not financially feasible for most American families to start school later, often the most time that the family has to spend together is in the summer.

  4. Victoria says:

    I would like a 4 day work week with longer days. That will give me more academic time with the students. I believe it will also save money. That seems to be a big issue with the economy right now.

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