Keep Track of Key Education Legislation

Legislators continue to discuss many key issues in education during Session. Check out the Department’s Legislative Tracking chart at


One thought on “Keep Track of Key Education Legislation

  1. Dick Thompson says:

    Regarding the attitudes and actions of the Governor and Legislature toward public education, I strongly disagree with them, and I predict that the school system will suffer from the changes that are being made. I further suspect that the leadership knows that, and that they are just trying to do away with public education by degrees, at least K-12. Then they can privatize it and give lucrative contracts to companies who will have very little concern for anything but their own bottom line. I hate being cynical about it, but if you look at what all has happened to us since Jeb Bush’s so-called A+ plan was passed, it has been a constant persecution of teachers and staff, blaming us for the performance of kids who have no parental encouragement or face no parental consequences for failure to attend class and put forth the required effort. I refuse to have my salary tied to the whims of a sixteen year-old on test day or any other day. I am retiring. If I weren’t, I would quit and go elsewhere. Florida’s leaders are pretending to know what is best for education, but very few of them have any experience in the schools themselves, nor do they listen to the vast majority of us who do! That does not compute. Do laymen get to decide how to regulate the working conditions and consequences for physicians? Lawyers? Accountants? Firemen? Policemen, etc.? Of course not, but somehow the Governors and legislatives leaders we have had lately think they can disregard what professional educators know from experience. Instead, they listen to the tiny minority voices in the field who agree with them. I hope I am wrong, but I seriously doubt that I am, and it will take an awful lot tof money to repair the damage that is being done.

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