The Oddest Classroom Wish Lists

I stopped by a store on my way home Friday and saw a huge display right up front with all the Back To School items a kid could ever need.  Is it really that time again already?  Well, I know as a teacher, aside from the basics there were always a few items I wanted for my classroom – my Class Wish List.  Most teachers I know usually put items such as paper towels, Kleenex, or a ream of colored paper on their lists.  However, occasionally, I have seen teachers put some pretty odd items on their wish list.  As a parent, I received a note home from one of my children’s fourth grade teacher asking for “owl pellets.”  The activity they used them for was very educational, but my first thought was, “Does she seriously want me to purchase owl poop?”  So, in the spirit of fun educational experiences for children, what are some of the oddest items you have seen on a teachers “classroom wish list”?

4 thoughts on “The Oddest Classroom Wish Lists

  1. LZ says:

    I always waited until I get the actual teachers’ lists, rather than pre-buy. First day was always paper, pencils/pens, and a folder for all the forms the schools send home. At the school supplies sales that meant spending about $3.

  2. mcmullen says:

    We had teachers request gift cards in small amounts to stores around the school. Also, they asked for gift certificates to McDonalds, Wendy’s etc. They were using them as rewards for student incentives (and very effectively!)

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