A Welcome Message from Commissioner Robinson

As a newly arrived Virginia transplant, let me first express just how excited I am to be Florida’s Commissioner of Education.

Leading up to my move here to the Sunshine State I wanted to make sure I hit the ground running through a “look, listen and learn” approach, giving me a chance to talk with staff, educators and policy leaders.

Fittingly enough, my first major opportunity to get feedback came from public school teachers and school district superintendents. In the weeks and months ahead I plan to continue these efforts, whether it is through in-person visits or social media opportunities. I will also be posting on this blog regularly about my experiences and opinions as they relate to a variety of different educational issues impacting our state, so make sure you check back in as often as possible. 

Additionally, with the new school year rapidly approaching I plan to be out and about to continue listening and learning. But if you don’t catch me in person, drop a comment or idea on any of our other social media sites, or via email at Commissioner@fldoe.org.

 Florida is a great place for public education and I am anxious to see what kind of successes we can create for our students in the coming years. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


One thought on “A Welcome Message from Commissioner Robinson

  1. Thank you for choosing to take the “look, listen, and learn” approach. As a Florida educator, and president of Florida ASCD, I value a leader who pays attention to what’s happening in our schools and how our teachers, students, and administrators feel. Welcome to our sunshine state.

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