Get Ready! Get Set! Question #2

Do you think you’ve got enough knowledge regarding Florida’s Race To the Top initiatives to win some great prizes? Check out our polls and surveys to see how much knowledge you have on this critical topic!

The FLDOE website is packed full of helpful information regarding the Race to the Top initiatives.  Test your knowledge by answering the Question of the Week.  Each Monday, we will post a question on our teacher’s blog:   You will then have an opportunity to respond to the question via polling that will begin on Tuesday at 9 a.m. (EST) through  You may either Tweet your answer, log on to the site to answer, or text your answer (standard texting rates will apply).  You must be one of the first 30 correct entries to be eligible for a drawing to win a prize. Be sure to include your name and school with your answer so we may contact you if you are our chosen winner.  Winners will be randomly selected from all correct entries.

This weeks question is:

The SGIC decided to include what percentage of the school component in the “measurement of  teacher’s effectiveness” model? 

This weeks prize is a an Ellison AllStar SuperStar Machine (  Polling will open tomorrow at 9am:


7 thoughts on “Get Ready! Get Set! Question #2

  1. Tammy Highley says:

    I have spent nearly 1/2 hour in attempt to respond to question #2. I give up. I’ll spend my time in my classroom.

  2. Thanks to all who participated in this weeks Contest. The answer to our question was: The SGIC considered the proportion of the common school component that should be attributed to the teacher and determined that 50 percent of the common school component should be included in the teacher value-added score.

  3. flowersbetterdressed says:

    I’m a little confused with your directions. It says that you may tweet your answer in this post, which is what I did this morning. Then I received a reply telling me I had to post it on Since it’s preplanning week for us, 9:00 is a difficult time to be on my computer. We have a number of meetings throughout the day. I just happened to be in between two and could only access twitter on my phone, which, according to your directions, is acceptable. What’s the deal?

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