The First 90 Days

-guest blog from Alvin Davis

Wow what an experience!  That is the best way I can describe the first 90 days as the 2012 Florida Department of Education/Macy’s Teacher of the Year.  So far, I have had the opportunity to visit Hamilton, Broward, Orange, Duval, Dade, Leon, Bradford, and Union counties.  In my travels, I have encountered nothing but warm receptions from great teachers across the state.  This journey has only solidified my belief that when great teachers are teamed with great educational leaders, we can overcome any challenge.

If I could impress anything upon my colleagues, it would be to continue to participate in as many professional development opportunities as possible.  In providing a world-class education, we must be armed with the very best strategies possible and be ready to go that extra mile when necessary.  If students, parents, and community members can see our willingness to succeed, maybe everyone will join us in transforming education so that all Americans will prevail in this new global economy and are able to achieve the American Dream.

As educators, we forget sometimes that we are preparing generations to not just appreciate and imbibe a liberal art, but learn how to live and to be successful in whatever profession they choose. Teachers are servants to society; and with that great responsibility, we must not fail.   

If you have a best practice that fellow educators would find helpful, please feel free to contact me by visiting my website at  I am here to serve the teachers, parents, and communities across this great state of ours.

Alvin A. Davis

Florida Department of Education 2012 Teacher of the Year

Broward County 2012 Teacher of Year

Band Director, Miramar High School


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