How much are teachers worth?

The article “Public School Teachers Aren’t Underpaid” recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal about teachers’ salaries. New Florida teachers do not have the same job security as referenced in the article; however, all teachers do receive the summer vacation and winter breaks.  Would year-round school benefit both teachers’ incomes and student performance?  What are your thoughts on the pros and cons laid out by Andrew G. Biggs and Jason Richwine and what would your “ideal solution” would be for teacher pay?



One thought on “How much are teachers worth?

  1. Susan Vinson says:

    There is so much faulty reasoning in this article, I don’t know where to start! I love that they think that having summers off allows teachers to earn extra income- which is in turn a salary perk for us! Who-hoo! those high paying part time summer jobs! Then there is that jab at our intellegence- and comparing us to other professionals using a test which likely very few teachers actually took- the Armed Forces Qualification Test! Well- I could continue to pick apart this poorly researched article, but I still have some grading to do and some lesson planning. After all it is my Christmas “break” which -FYI- is NOT a paid vacation, and yet I feel compelled to do my job well. To accomplish that, I will need to return to school on my one “paid” planning day with my real work already done. Most of my actually paid “planning” day time will be used to attend a training session in order to meet the reqirements for another unfunded state or federal mandate. The good thing is that I actually love my job! I don’t blame my students for the lack of understanding and respect for the teaching profession inherent in articles like this.

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