FL Teacher Community coming soon!!!

An exciting new tool developed specifically for Florida’s teachers is coming!  Florida teachers now have access to a powerful new communication and collaboration tool just for teachers.  The Florida Teacher Community is a private social community managed by Kelly Seay, Teacher Liaison of the Florida Department of Education, with hosting and technical support provided by Novachi. 

 The Florida Teacher Community integrates Novachi’s industry leading Integrated Education System  with the Ning social platform, the world’s leading platform for custom private social website, to provide Florida teachers with the means to collaborate and host discussions on various aspects of teaching.  Novachi, in collaboration with the Florida Department of Education, hopes that teachers will be able to work together to establish best practices, communicate about what works in the classroom, and share solutions or suggestions for improvements.

The private online community facilitates communication via a variety of mediums.  Blogging, forum, group discussion, and the sharing of various media types such as photo and video are all available tools for Florida teachers to voice suggestions to help shape Florida education practices and policies.

In addition to the social community, teachers will have access to a variety of educational resources to support their daily teaching profession on the Novachi platform.  As certain tools or resources prove to be useful for teachers, we will add it to Novachi Apps launchpad for the benefit of all Florida teachers.  While the Florida Teacher Community will remain private to teachers, other applications on the Novachi platform can be shared with parents and students to enhance collaboration beyond the classroom walls.  Novachi IES framework provides a safe and secure way for your students to access materials that are properly oriented towards their learning goals, without the worry of students gaining access to inappropriate websites.

 The system is fun and easy to use.  We hope that you will take advantage of the plethora of resources now available as a Florida teacher.


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