Florida’s Lesson Study Blog

Guest Blog from Dr. John H. Lockwood

The Florida and the Islands Comprehensive Center at ETS (www.ets.org/flicc ) provides technical assistance across the Florida in the form of professional development and others services. The Center, also known as FLICC, is funded through a cooperative agreement with the US Department of Education that specifically targets building the capacity of the Florida Department of Education. As part of their mission, FLICC sponsors the Florida Lesson Study blog, located at http://floridalessonstudy.blogspot.com/

FLICC created and maintains the blog so that interested educators across the great State of Florida can network, discuss, and solve issues related to implementing lesson study in schools and districts. The blog offers tips on scheduling, financing and the Return on Investment (ROI) of lesson study. The blog also has updates about upcoming lesson study training sponsored by FLICC. Soon they hope to post some success stories so followers of the blog can continue to learn about lesson study from actual lesson study facilitators in Florida schools and districts. So please join the discussion and explore lesson study with other Florida educators in 2012!


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