As we prepare for FCAT let’s share a few ideas that help encourage your students and reduce their anxiety levels…

Here’s one to get us started…

Test Taking Survival Kit:

Place these items in a bag and attach a note explaining each one…

1 Starburst… Shine like a STAR today   

1  Eraser… to get rid of those brain freezes!
2 Pencils… to record all the knowledge you have learned!
1 stick of gum… to remind you to stick with it!
1 highlighter… to highlight all you have learned!
1 Hershey’s Hug.. for all your hard work!


3 thoughts on “FCAT Prep

  1. summer t says:

    Who came up with this list.

    Gum is not allowed in most schools (specifically forbidden in the rules).

    And what about the highlighters? All FCAT documentation says we are not allowed to let the students highlight in the test materials.

    Left hand, right hand, folks. Get your act together.

  2. Here are some more ideas that were submitted last year:
    other ideas for the kit: 1 peppermint to give the brain a boost – Rocco Sorice

    1 Milky Way….shoot for the stars! – Roseann Cronister


    (Now and Laters) Do your best NOW…AND LATER you’ll be very proud of your accomplishments!

    (Smarties) You are such a SMARTIE….We know you will do GREAT today!!!

    (Chocolate Hearts) Put your HEART into your work…We know you will do AWESOME!!!

    (Pixie Sticks) STICK with it…..We know you will do your BEST!!!

    (mini Milky Ways) We know you will do super today…..you’re the brightest star in the MILKY WAY!!!!

    Marni Kay – Literacy Coach


    I bought my students erasers with the Globe theater pix on it for mid-terms “to erase all the aches and pains that an English AP Language student must carry. I bought 4-leaf clover temporary tattoos for them as well.

    Lynn Beam


    Share with us your ideas for encouraging your students to do their best during testing.

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