Learning Through APPs

Here is a recent submission to one the the Forums on the FL TEacher Community.  It is a great example of merging hands on learning with technology.

from teacher AMY WALSH

I was inspired by Angry Birds to get my students excited. I project Angry Birds on my SmartBoard. I give the students a math problem, spelling word, vocabulary word, etc. which they write or solve on individual white boards. When I signal, students hold up their white boards for me to “check.” I then choose one name from a cup. That student must explain how they solved the math problem or the word pattern that helped them come up with the answer. If they are right, they can choose another student to restate their strategy. Both students get a chance to play one angry bird. This has kept my students engaged, on task, and increase listening skills. 

Please comment and share some of your fabulous ideas!


One thought on “Learning Through APPs

  1. What a great way to motivate students- not just because they get to play angry birds, but also because you are showing them that you respect them and are willing to make connections to the world they live in, rather than expecting them to conform to the traditional school environment. Thanks for sharing!


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