The Teachers Institute on Holocaust Studies

Since 1994 all Florida schools have been required to teach the history of the Holocaust in a manner that leads to an understanding of prejudice, racism and stereotyping. While the mandate has always received strong support from legislators, teachers and community members, many classroom teachers feel unprepared to carry out this requirement.

Teachers in Central Florida are invited to attend a weeklong course on Holocaust education designed to help them meet this challenge  The Teachers Institute on Holocaust Studies – a  five day, 40 hour seminar – gives  educators the tools they need to teach about the Holocaust accurately and effectively.  Participants will receive a broad education on Jewish life before, during and after the Nazi era; the rise of Hitler and the history of anti-Semitism that made his final solution possible; the stories of victims, survivors, liberators and rescuers; and the modern parallels that create dangers in today’s world.

The course is scheduled for June 18-22, 2012. Included in the week is a half-day workshop where participants attend pedagogy sessions specific to Elementary, Middle and High School levels. They are also introduced to materials available to them at no cost, including Traveling Teaching Trunks, a complete curriculum, and books and films provided at no cost by the Center to area schools.

Cost of the registration is $100, which covers all materials and lunches.  Teachers living more than an hour away from the Center in Maitland (just north of Orlando) can also qualify for free lodging. A limited number of scholarships are available, and most districts provide inservice credits for participating teachers at no additional cost.

This year, any teacher whose job has been eliminated can attend at no cost.  Registration can be done online through the Centers website, or by phone at 407-628-0555.


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