Excitement is in the air

With the beginning of school comes excitement in the air; as well as…

 the smell of…

  • fresh paint (not to worry, just throw up another poster to cover the tape you used that just took the new paint off the wall),
  • Clorox Wipes (wow – the dust that can accumulate in two months),
  • burnt popcorn(as you forgot about it in the teacher’s lounge, because you are trying to multi-task times ten),
  • cut grass (that is still wet and now all over your shoes because you took a shortcut to the media center),

 and …

 the sounds of…

  • your colleagues laughter (are they looking at their preps or their class roster?)
  • your own voice (have you really started talking to yourself already – yep and it’s great conversation, no one argues with me)
  • snoring (coming from the next table over – I mean really, you’ve only been in this meeting for 6 hours and they did give you muffins when you came in)
  • silence (Hahahahahahahahahaha…)


the sights of…

  • the line of ten teachers at the one copier that is not jammed (yep, it’s the first day)
  • students and their parents peering in your windows (they can’t wait to get inside)
  • that retirement video (the one you have viewed every pre-planning for the past 12 years and still aren’t even close to needing that information)
  • your stack of school supplies being delivered (it’s like Christmas – hope they last through the first semester)

But mostly, the excitement over the anticipation of the lives you will touch and change this year!  I wish you all the most wonderful school year you have ever experienced – You are Terrific!!



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