Guest Blog from the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

Providing a quality education for students throughout Florida is one of the most important things we can do to improve our economy, our workforce, our families, and our society. As demonstrated in numerous studies, access to quality arts education improves school attendance rates and leads to higher graduation rates; helps students make connections across disciplines and develops higher brain function which results in higher test scores; helps level the playing field across socioeconomic strata; encourages creativity and critical thinking which are essential skills for higher education and workforce development; and improves social skills such as teamwork, tolerance, and confidence.

As a partnership between the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs and South Arts, we are conducting a research project which seeks to quantify access to and quality of arts education offered at public schools throughout each of the nine member states in the South Arts region, including Florida. This research is essential to identify the strengths and gaps in arts education in the South and will provide useful data that will help us improve arts education delivery in Florida.

We encourage you to complete this survey, regardless of whether you have a robust arts education program or no arts education at all, as the results will help us develop policies and programs that acknowledge our strengths and address our gaps in arts education. The responses from individual schools will remain confidential and all data will be shared only in aggregate on a state and multi-state basis. Information that specifically identifies a school will only be used to track and correlate data, and to help inform program decisions within our agencies.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention and for helping us to improve the delivery of arts education in Florida.

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