We are teachers, and this is our role to play

As we roll into March, we know that Florida educators have been receiving lots of data from various sources throughout the year. Having been a reading coach and working closely with data myself, I know how daunting all of this information can be. It is important that we take a step back and view the data as “assessments for learning,” as opposed to “assessments of learning.” As teachers, it is our responsibility to take a child from what he or she currently knows (Point A) and move him or her to knowing all of the benchmarks for your class (Point B). Sometimes students may be starting with a deficit and are able to make it closer to Point B, but not completely reach it. This is learning growth and should be celebrated. Sometimes students will surpass Point B; this too should be encouraged and celebrated. Regardless of where students’ Point A is at the beginning of their year in your class, their movement toward and perhaps beyond Point B is what we do as teachers. Data gained from sources such as FCAT, FAIR, formative assessments, etc., is information that will help you determine each student’s Point A and how close he or she is to reaching Point B. In the words of William Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” We are teachers, and this is our role to play.


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