Private Classroom Collaboration for Florida Teachers

Social networking has become an integral part of today’s education.  Students can better engage in the learning process when combining classroom activities with online activities.  Parents can better guide their children with homework if they are well informed.  Now if only teachers can control who can participate in these online social communities, information can freely flow similar to a traditional classroom setting.  Now you can with Novachi’s Teacher Classroom Collaboration (TCC).

TCC is a social learning platform designed to facilitate online learning by providing virtual classrooms on top of a social network and can be launched from within Novachi Apps launchpad.  With similar features you would expect from popular social network websites, TCC combines the best of social networking features with private classroom level security to create a whole new way to learn and communicate.

TCC enables teachers to communicate with students and parents in a classroom-like setting with confidence that the classroom activities are restricted from the general public.  Teachers have access to create new classes, invite students and parents, and act as the owner and administrator for their newly created classrooms. Student accounts can find their list of classes, participate in classroom activities and discussions, upload assignments, review shared content, class requirements and calendars,  access learning trees (created by teachers or fellow peers), view photos and videos.  Parents can be invited into the classroom by the teacher that owns the class.  Parent accounts can view any information that is made public to them via classroom sharing.  Parents can also access class calendars and events, and assist in their child’s education process.

Teachers who already have an account on Novachi will automatically see a new Teacher Classroom Collaboration app.  All Florida Teachers should already have an account on Novachi.  Contact Novachi Support if you need help accessing your account.  Additional details about the TCC is available at  For additional information, visit Novachi website at


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