FDOE’s Single Sign-On Project

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By Todd Clark, FDOE’s Director of Race to the Top Assessments

What is Single Sign-On?

How many times have you had to click a “Forgot Password” link on a website? As the number of online services and resources grows, more and more people have to come up with ways to remember more and more login credentials. At the Florida Department of Education, we’re looking for ways to make access to our services more efficient and user-friendly.

As part of Florida’s Race to the Top grant award, the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) has developed a simpler way for Florida educators to be able to access statewide resources requiring login credentials – a single sign-on! The FDOE Single Sign-On project (FDOE SSO) not only allows users to reach several resources with one set of credentials, it also provides a central place for district administrators to set the roles and access levels for its users.

The solution is designed to be scalable, so that additional applications can be added over time – and that will be the real power of the solution. Educators will have the ability to access even more resources without having to remember additional passwords.

The first six integrated statewide resources are:

• Florida School Leaders

• eIPEP (electronic Institutional Program Evaluation Plans)

• CPALMS (Collaborate Plan Align Learn Motivate Share)

• Florida Interim Assessment Item Bank and Test Platform (IBTP)

• Progress Monitoring Reading Network (PMRN)

• English Language Arts Formative Assessment System

How Does Single Sign-On Work?

As the Department began working with school districts to determine how to implement the project, representatives from districts recommended that the state’s solution provide two options for districts – a “federated” solution and a “hosted” solution. Districts that select the federated solution will establish a trust relationship between their district’s network and the FLDOE SSO system. This will allow district users to access both their district system and the state’s resources, all with the same login credentials.

Districts that select the hosted solution will set up accounts for their users with login credentials that are issued by FLDOE. These credentials will be different from the credentials that educators will use to access their local instructional information systems, but will still allow one set of credentials to get to several statewide resources.

In both cases, federated and hosted solutions, district administrators will determine who will have active accounts and the permissions for each user in their district. The advantage of having one central place to designate active accounts and to set user permissions is that it prevents the need to set up accounts and permissions for multiple resources in different places. It also provides one site for adding and removing account access.

Do I Have Access?

FDOE is working with school districts to integrate them into the state’s SSO solution by the end of the year. District administrators will advise staff when groups are activated and provide instructions of how to access FLDOE SSO.

As of August 20, 2013, school districts with SSO access are:

Hosted          Federated

Alachua        Brevard
Bay                Charlotte
Citrus            Escambia
Columbia     Hillsborough
DeSoto          Polk
Dixie              Santa Rosa
Duval             Seminole
Flagler           St. Lucie

What’s next?

This project is just getting started. Additional school districts are being added each week. We expect the transition to single sign-on to provide easy and secure access for Florida educators. We appreciate your patience and your feedback as we work through the integration process.

More information is available online at this site:


You may also send questions and comments to this e-mail address:



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