School Spotlight

successSouth Walton High School’s Walton Youth Leadership United had the pleasure of visiting Emerald Coast Middle School’s fifth and sixth graders during lunch and Butler Elementary School’s fourth graders during PE on September ninth to present the Success Pledge. The pledge is a promise each student makes to do well in school and believe in his or her own abilities and talents.

First, Brooke Pierson addressed the student body and explained what the Success Pledge is. Then, the students presented a skit about the importance of school. Sammy the Seahawk made a guest appearance as the inspirational “tutor” and explained that the world is full of possibilities when you believe in yourself and do well (succeed).

The success pledges were on neon card stock and signed and kept by each child. Their hands (and sometimes forearms or foreheads) were stamped (“super student”), and everyone received a green and white “I AM A SUCCESS!” bracelet, courtesy of ECMS, since the Stingrays and the Bears will be future Seahawks in years to come.

Hopefully this will be one of many events upon which the local schools can collaborate. The SWHS Success Pledge was signed during open house. Each Seahawk pledged to succeed and be leaders not only for the school, but also for those children who admire them and aspire to be like them.


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