Just for Teachers Update: Two Mindsets

Growth Mindset Book by Dr. Carol DweckThis week, I would like to focus on the two different mindsets that we commonly see in our students.  Through her research, Dr. Carol Dweck noticed patterns between our students with fixed mindsets and students with growth mindsets.  Our students who choose a fixed mindset display feelings of frustration when they are confronted with challenges. Often times,  they will shut down and stop trying.  When students choose a growth mindset, they embrace challenges and persevere in solving problems.

The graphic on our new growth mindset home page in the Just For Teachers Community is a great illustration of how our students respond to different situations with each mindset.  So many times we will hear: “She is just lazy” or “He just doesn’t care.”  While that may seem so, as we look at the graphic, we realize that it’s a mindset and it can be changed.

A video that I would like to share with you that really helped me understand the two mindsets is “The Power of Belief.”  This is a Ted Talk video by Eduardo Briceño, the CEO of Mindset Works. I hope you find this as powerful as “The Power of Yet”.

Please feel free to leave comments on this message and video.

About the author: Melanie Weitz serves as the Florida Department of Education’s teacher liaison. Before joining the department, Melanie taught fifth grade for seven years in the Tampa area.      


7 thoughts on “Just for Teachers Update: Two Mindsets

  1. Mary WHite says:

    Loved the video! Yes. We did the Mindsets book a few years ago as a staff. This fixed mindset is prevalent in our children. Could grading contribute to this?

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the video! Based on the research completed by Dr. Dweck and her team, most of the fixed mindsets come from the praise we are giving our children as well as the type of feedback we provide. In a future email I will be sharing a bit more information and resources about praise, but if you would like to explore the impact of praise now, I have posted a video on the “Praise” webpage in the Just For Teachers Community. You may access it by clicking on the “Praise” hyperlink.

  2. Keisha Williams says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. The idea of changing your mindset applies not only to the students, but to us as educators as well. Oftentimes students feed off of our energy. If we are not enthusiastic about a subject and we show it through our actions, students will feel that what we’re teaching them is not that important. No student, in my opinion is “lazy” or “doesn’t care.” It’s definitely the manner in which we feed the knowledge to these children. Helping them to see certain subjects in a different light, making learning fun and interesting will give students a different mindset as to how they view the world around them. Changing our mindset is vital to so many areas of life. If we change our mindset, we can change the world.

  3. Leigh O'Steen says:

    Leigh O’Steen

    I really enjoyed the video, research and message. I try to incorporate some of this already in my classroom as many of my students (and their parents) came into this year with “I can’t” attitudes. (Example: “I can’t do math.” “My child cannot comprehend.” etc…) I would love to know more and possibly make a power point with some of the statistics and data he represented for my kids to see. I feel like I say this all of the time but they don’t always believe me.

  4. Christine McCully says:

    This is an enlightening informative video. I try so much to do this in my practice as a teacher, the only problem is I am a substitute so I must first prove to the students that I am a teacher!

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